Saban wants you to stop putting so many expectations on his players


Nick Saban has a message for the fans and the media, stop putting so much pressure on his players. Saban was upset when speaking with the media over how Bama players are dissected and questioned and Saban doesn't appreciate that lofty expectations then are placed on players and then used to determine if they are good or if they are busts.

"I think you all create an expectation to people that there's no basis for," Saban said. "You do that for a lot of guys. It puts a lot of pressure on them, creates a lot of anxiety for them. What we're trying to do here is get guys to develop and be able to comfortable and develop and gain the knowledge and experience that they need to go out there and play with confidence, play fast."

Particularly Nick Saban would like for you and for the press to get off of Bo Scarbrough's back and to let him develop into the player he can be.

"We think Bo has a lot of potential and we're going to keep working with him so he can be a very productive player for us," Saban said. "So I don't think he has any issues. I think he has issues created to the expectation that you created for him. But that's not what we're all about here."

Scarbrough is young, talented, and playing behind an offensive line that is very unsettled. Maybe Bama fans and the media should take heed and be patient with the young player.