Should LSU have been flagged for offsides on Texas A&M's final play?

LSU was the dominant team throughout most of last night's game against Texas A&M, but a lack of execution in the redzone allowed the Aggies to have a chance to win at the end. On what turned out to be the Aggies' final offensive play of the night, it appeared that LSU's nose tackle had jumped offsides at the snap.

QB Kyle Allen thought he had a free play for sure, and threw the ball up for grabs where WR Josh Reynolds missed it and LSU's Jalen Collins intercepted it. Watching the line of scrimmage, it's easy to see why Allen felt he had a free play.

It looks like the nose tackle is pretty clearly offsides at the time of the snap. The play effectively ended the game as the Tigers were able to take knees and run out the clock. There are certainly no guarantees that the Aggies would have been able to march the ball to the endzone, but it appears they didn't get a fair chance to try.