Shane Beamer on the sidelines.
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Shane Beamer Admits He Broke His Own Foot After Florida Loss

A frustrating last-minute loss to Florida on Saturday led to South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer kicking something that broke his foot.

South Carolina's frustrating football loss to Florida on Saturday led head coach Shane Beamer to break his right foot by kicking something that he "shouldn't have kicked."

The 41-39 loss against the Gators was only the most recent agonizing moment for a 2-4 South Carolina team. The Gamecocks had plenty of chances to win, including on their final drive of the game when they only trailed by two with under a minute remaining. An interception from Spencer Rattler, however, sealed the game for Florida and put South Carolina's hopes for bowl eligibility in jeopardy.

Beamer was clearly frustrated in his press conference after the game, being transparent in his anger with his players' performance, especially on defense. When asked about the defensive struggles, the third-year head coach seemed to blame players for a lack of execution.

"We call pressures, and we (the players) don't run them," Beamer told reporters. "We did not do a great job for whatever reason of adjusting and communicating things."

Considering Beamer's aggravated tone in his press conference and the outcome of the game, it shouldn't be a surprise that he took his anger out on whatever unknown object he kicked. Beamer said that his foot would not need surgery but did say that it hurt like "you know what."

"I care about these kids," Beamer said Tuesday. "I was really upset on Saturday night 'cause I didn't do enough to help them get over the hump and win the football game. ... It's been one of those years."

South Carolina will travel to the other Columbia of the SEC this weekend when it faces No. 20 Missouri. Four wins away from bowl eligibility, the Gamecocks will have to win at least two of the following matchups: Missouri, Texas A&M, Kentucky and Clemson. The Gamecocks' 2023 schedule has proved to be one of the most difficult in college football, as their first five matchups of the season included No. 10 North Carolina, No. 1 Georgia and No. 21 Tennessee. As for Beamer, he can only hope that he makes it through the rest of the season without suffering another injury.

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