South Carolina's stadium suffered some visible damage thanks to Hurricane Matthew

This doesn't sound ideal.

The Georgia-South Carolina game was forced to be postponed until Sunday, as Hurricane Matthew hit the state of South Carolina hard this weekend. While the city of Columbia was spared from the significant parts of the storm, some heavy rains and winds still came through and did some damage to the area.

That damage was evident at Williams-Brice Stadium, as multiple letters were knocked off the stadium's press box during the storm.

The work crews that went to repair the press box saw that some of the four-foot tall letters were loose, and the decision was made to remove them all for safety precaution.

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Hopefully that is the extent of the damage that was done at the stadium; the letters shouldn't be too difficult to replace.

At the very least, the two teams avoided the fate that Notre Dame and N.C. State suffered on Saturday.