The Hefty Lefty really hates Steve Spurrier

Jared Lorenzen is really unhappy with Steve Spurrier and his comments about the Gamecocks' upcoming game with Kentucky.

The "Hefty Lefty," as he is known, (currently listed at 6'4" and 320 pounds) was a quarterback for the Wildcats from 2000 to 2003. That was in response to this tweet:

However, there are several issues with this tweet that are quite funny. First of all, he re-tweeted incorrectly. As a result, no one could see Spurrier's initial remark, which was a compliment. Lorenzen may have been living under a rock for the last decade because there is no way he is going to argue that UK had great teams during his time in Lexington. The Wildcats were flat-out bad except in 2002, when the team went 7-5, but couldn't go to a bowl game because it was on NCAA probation.

Lorenzen just got caught in a classic case of Spurrier trolling. Spurrier did it at Florida and he's still doing it at South Carolina. Sometimes you have to be the bigger man, Jared.