Tennessee defender, 'dynamic' Hurts 'exploited us'

Add Tennessee to the list of teams not looking forward to the possibility of three more years of Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts smoke Tennessee running the ball Saturday hitting the Vols for three rushing touchdowns on 132 yards in the Tides 49-10 win.

Tennessee defensive back Rashaan Gaulden explained what happened with Hurts pretty succinctly after the Bama win,

"He's a dynamic quarterback with his speed and being able to run and being able to pass," Tennessee defensive back Rashaan Gaulden told AL.com. "The hardest quarterback to face is a dual-threat quarterback in my opinion. He exploited us today in being able to get around the edge and deliver on long balls when needed. What hurt us the most was him being able to get around the edge and provide explosive plays for his team."

"It was a huge emphasis to have another (player) in the box for him," Gaulden said. "Sometimes the Xs and Os don't correlate to the game. We're just going to have to make a play next time."

Tennessee could see Hurts and Alabama again as early as the SEC Championship game so they better get ready fast or be ready to see Hurts in their nightmares for the next few years.