Battle at Bristol unveils massive winners trophy


The Battle at Bristol  has been receiving some serious hype leading up to the Week 2 showdown between Tennessee and Virginia Tech. It actually has its own hype video and now it will have its own trophy as well.

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The two teams will be playing in the middle of Bristol Motor Speedway under a huge jumbotron and the trophy they will be playing for is absolutely massive. It weighs an unreal 88 pounds and is two feet tall as well as two feet wide. To put that into perspective, the massive Stanley Cup trophy of the NHL weighs only about 35 pounds.

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Here's a picture of the trophy in the light of day and sitting pretty:

This might be the trophy voted least likely to be stolen by sheer size and weight. The game is scheduled for a 8 p.m. kickoff on ABC September 10.


[h/t SEC Country]