Butch Jones: 'If your game is loud you don't need to talk about it'

True that, Butch!

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones weighed in on the raging debate between his players and Florida players about who will win the SEC East. The feud started over a couple tweets from running back Jalen Hurd and linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin claiming that the Vols would win the SEC East and Florida's Jalen Tabor responded saying this year will be just like the last 12.

Butch Jones knows about the tweet storm and he knows that's how these grow up now. He's cool with it as long as it doesn't get out of hand and he even encourages the use of social media as long as it's being done responsibility.

"I always tell our football team if your game is loud, you don't need to talk about it," Jones said. "As long as it's respectful and all that, we do try to educate them every single day in social media and turning social media into an advantage for you as well."

The coach has a point about letting the team's play speak for itself and he's hoping that it can do just that with high expectations in the coach's fourth year in Knoxville.


[h/t SEC Country]