Tennessee fans started fighting each other in the middle of miserable Georgia game


Tennessee football has been characterized by disappointment in the Butch Jones area, and apparently, that frustration has boiled over.

Jones, for as good as he's been as a recruiter, just can't seem to get his team to consistently show up in big games, and playing in a big game on Saturday afternoon against the No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs, the Vols have found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard yet again.

In fact, the Volunteers went into halftime down 24-0, and the prospects of a comeback don't look good.

So what's a Tennesee fan to do with all that frustration? When the action is terrible on the field, apparently the only thing to do is to find something to do in the stands.


But fighting your fellow fan? That's just sad.

Still, Busted Coverage passed on a fight between two members of the Volunteer faithful on Saturday afternoon, and it basically tells you everything you need to know about Tennesee football right now:

This is a frustrated fan base, and they're apparently so frustrated that they're willing to turn on each other. Of course, anytime something like this happens at a sporting event it's a decent assumption to make that alcohol was involved -- which makes stupid people act more stupid than usual -- but liquid courage aside, this is embarrassing.

It's never a good look to fight in public, but when you're fighting the people wearing the same colors as you, that's just sad.


And right now, that describes Tennessee football.