Here's how much beer was ordered for the Battle at Bristol

Is this a football game or a beer fest? Or both?

The Battle at Bristol between Tennessee and Virginia Tech on Saturday is setting up to be the last party of the summer. According to ESPN's David Hale, Bristol had brought in 545,000 beers just for the game this weekend.

That is... a lot of beer. Guessing an attendance of about 150,000 people, that is at least three beer per person. Guess that the beers range from a 12 oz. can to a 16 oz. can, we are looking somewhere in the area of 7,000,000 oz. of beer.

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We don't know if this was for the whole weekend, or if it is what Bristol Motor Speedway plans to vend on Saturday, but we know this: it's a crap-ton of beer. Stay safe on Saturday, folks. You can always relax like this guy.