Is Lane Kiffin getting ready to pull off the ultimate troll job on Tennessee?

Does he want to mend fences or keep being a troll?

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Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is a well-known troll and especially so when it comes to Tennessee. The coordinator was the head coach at Tennessee in 2009 before leaving after a season and heading to USC. He left the Vols in bad shape and UT fans will never let him forget it.

However, it looks like he doesn't want UT fans to forget it or maybe he's trying to mend some broken fences. It's hard to tell by the way he just went on a Twitter follow spree of Tennessee players and teams. Take a look for yourself:

Lane twitter

I don't think the interest in Kiffin from Tennessee is mutual, but maybe the coach is trying to get back in the good graces of Tennessee fans. Or maybe he's actually setting up Tennessee for one last incredible troll job. This is something to keep an eye on either way and Tennessee fans should probably keep their guard up for this one.


[h/t Saturday Down South]