Jalen Hurd silences the running back critics


Jalen Hurd has had to deal with a lot of trash talking this past year, mostly from Florida players. The Gators have won 12 games in a row over Tennessee and think they will make it 13 this season. That's not the only negative talk Hurd has had to endure though.

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There have been many critics of Hurd and how he's too big to play the position of running back. He stands 6'4" and weighs 240 pounds, which might be large numbers at first, but if you see him run then there really shouldn't be any sort of criticism. The kid is a freak who's run 20 miles per hour before and is just too big to tackle at times.

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He's heard enough and he took the time this weekend to silence his critics and let them know he'll be just fine.

"I don't want anybody to look at my size and say that will hurt me in any way, so I'm just working on things that any running back can do -- small running back or big running back.

"I'd heard through the grapevine that some colleges might want me to play different positions. I've always felt I could play running back .... If I'm 6-8, I'm still playing running back, that's just what I do."

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Hurd is on the verge of breaking Tennessee's all-time rushing record set by Travis Henry at 3,078. He needs less than 900 yards and that number is definitely attainable for him after he rushed for 1,288 last year behind a mediocre offensive line. The line will be better than this year and so will Hurd on his way to shutting up anyone who thinks he can't play running back at the next level.