KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE - OCTOBER 14: Joe Milton III #7 of the Tennessee Volunteers runs the ball against the Texas A&M Aggies in the second quarter at Neyland Stadium on October 14, 2023 in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Joe Milton Forces Terrible Fourth Quarter Interception vs Texas A&M

Only Joe Milton III could possibly explain what he was seeing when Tennessee was making a charge in the red zone.

The Tennessee Volunteers are playing host to Texas A&M in what's been a tight game on Saturday afternoon, but quarterback Joe Milton III made a brutal decision for an interception late in the contest.

When the fourth quarter rolled around, the No. 19 Volunteers were driving deep into Texas A&M territory with a 14-13 lead when quarterback Joe Milton III made the inexplicable decision to launch the ball into the end zone for an interception that was far too easy.

Just a terrible read, if that's what you want to call this. Thankfully for the Vols, Texas A&M soon returned the favor with a missed field goal. Nonetheless, questionable decision-making has become a familiar trend with Milton III.

Look no further than the 6'5" senior heaving this one up like a punt in Week 2 against Florida, the team's only loss of the season thus far.

In the next breath, though, Milton III will deliver an outstanding stiff-arm (and an amazing deep ball at times) like the one seen below, convincing us all he's ready to dominate and put the team on his back.

Athletic plays that display such awesome physicality are exactly why Milton III is still under center, keeping everyone on their collective toes in tight games that tend to go back and forth until our viewing eyeballs reach the point of visible fatigue.

Or perhaps inspiration depending on your viewpoint, because as long as you're not a devout fan of all things Tennessee football, the constant rollercoaster routinely serves as top notch entertainment.

For reasons that will likely never be fully explained or understood, Tennessee always seems to find themselves as willing participants in games that tend to go completely haywire — and usually separated by just one score — until the compassionate clock finally hits quadruple zeros.

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