This potentially record-breaking game is expecting GameDay to show up in Week 2

They're pretty much demanding it at this point!

Tennessee and Virginia Tech are meeting up in Bristol, Tennessee for the Battle at Bristol in Week 2 of the season. The game promises to be a good one as it is expected to break some records for attendance. There's also a concert that's headlined by country music star Kenny Chesney, which should excite some people.

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That should be enough to excite the likes of ESPN to send their GameDay crew down there, right? That's what fans of the game are hoping for as officials from Bristol Motor Speedway have told Sports Radio WNML that they expect to host the show ahead of the highly-anticipated Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech game.

"We have a pretty good indication, pretty good feeling, that Kirk Herbstreit and his crew will be in town for College GameDay. We feel like that's going to happen. We're still waiting on some official confirmation on that."

Bristol has a listed capacity of 160,000 so if the record is broken for most people at an NCAA football game it's likely to be done by a longshot with Michigan-Notre Dame having set the record at about 115,000 people. That has to be appealing to ESPN considering how many of the bigger programs are still playing cupcakes by then.


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