Report: If you want to see Peyton Manning then you'll want to go to these UT games

Now all you celebrity seekers know which games to attend.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Peyton Manning is going to attend some Tennessee football games this year since he's retired and probably has nothing better to do. He also said he really wanted to get out and see some more Vols games as well earlier this year.

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It seems he's now pinpointed exactly which games he will be at so everyone can stare in awe at his greatness.

Manning has been heavily promoting the "Battle at Bristol" so seeing him at the Virginia Tech game makes a ton of sense. The game in College Station will be the Vols' first time there since the Aggies joined the SEC and the game against Alabama is just a no-brainer. Manning was actually at the one last year and this year might be the season-changer for UT if it can beat the Crimson Tide. When Manning goes to games he definitely goes all out and goes to the good ones.


[h/t Saturday Down South]