The Battle at Bristol has its headliner and country music fans are going to love it

Now it's a party!

The Battle at Bristol isn't for another few months and few people thought it could be even better. The jumbotron is going to be huge and there's supposed to be a record-breaking amount of people there as well.

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Well, that huge crowd will get to watch one of country music's favorite musicians the day before on September 9th. Kenny Chesney has agreed to perform a concert and the reason he wanted to perform at the event is to come back to his roots.

"I had a lot of dreams then, but never did I dream I would be playing at Bristol Motor Speedway. The idea of that was too big to dream. So to say I'm excited to be coming back to play in an area where this dream started is an understatement! Music and sports have defined my life, and it's not every day an artist is allowed to combine the two for something as special as this."

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The Band Perry and Old Dominion are going to join Chesney as well for the concert so country music fans have a whole lot to cheer about this college football season!


[h/t Saturday Down South]