This is the job Peyton Manning reportedly wants, and it would set the college football world on fire


Peyton Manning is officially retired and he has no plans in the foreseeable future to be on television. He already told the NFL Network he doesn't want in and he could just be chilling for the next year or so. However, it's sounding like he might be getting the coaching itch.

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From Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report:

"I keep hearing that Peyton Manning wants to coach his alma mater. Over and over, I hear it from NFL people I trust. I don't know if it's accurate. It seems too neat and tidy to be true."



Manning is not the kind of guy who sits around and relaxes for too long so you can expect him to take on some sort of football role somewhere in the coming year. If it comes at Tennessee, the Vols would undoubtedly be excited to have him and surely Butch Jones could find a spot for him on the staff.

Imagine Manning helping out Josh Dobbs in practice every day. How much better of a quarterback could he be under the guidance and tutelage of a living legend like Manning? Not to mention how it would help Jones recruit even better athletes than he's already done in his four years as coach.