Kevin Sumlin: "Reports about what happened to [Speedy Noil] are completely false"

Coach Sumlin hosted his weekly press conference this afternoon and opened with a recap of the Aggies' win over Rice before shifting focus to SMU. In his discussion of the preparations for SMU, Sumlin was asked about the status of Speedy Noil who was injured against Rice.

Sumlin would not elaborate on the specifics of Speedy's injury, but did say this (at the 9:55 mark of the above video).

"Speedy probably will not play this weekend...He just won't play this weekend. I'll update you next week. I will say this, that some of the questions that I've gotten and some of the reports about what happened to him are completely false."

The report we can assume Coach Sumlin is speaking of is the report that came out last night that Noil suffered an MCL injury that would keep him out 3-5 weeks. That Sumlin is insisting on updating Noil's status on a weekly basis hopefully indicates that the injury is not as serious and Noil could return sooner than the report said.