A news anchor holds up a "Fire Jimbo Fisher" sign.
Screenshot from Twitter

Jimbo Fisher Blasted by News Anchor Live on Air

In the wake of another Texas A&M loss, one news anchor has had enough and let his voice be heard on live TV.

If you're a Texas A&M fan who is frustrated with your football team's performance in recent years, you aren't alone.

After the Aggies took a tough loss to Tennessee to drop to 4-3 on the season, it appears they're headed toward a mediocre end result after high expectations once again, and News 12 TV anchor Keith Jouganatos decided to speak up.

He preceded his rant by silently holding up a whiteboard inscribed with the message "FIRE JIMBO FISHER" before launching into his criticism of the Aggies' head coach. He advised the program that "this man has done you a disservice with your money" after signing an enormous contract. And in response to one of his co-hosts' comments about the $70 million buyout for that pact, he said A&M can afford that if it could afford the deal to begin with.

Jouganatos correctly noted A&M's lack of success in making it to the SEC championship game and contending on the national stage. Their best season under Fisher was the abbreviated 2020 campaign, in which they went 9-1 — meaning that he has yet to win double-digit games in any season since arriving in College Station in 2018.

The newsman then went on to assert that Fisher has "rode Jameis Winston's coattails for years." This is a solid point, as one of the main selling points for Fisher is that he is one of five current college head coaches owning a national championship, as 2010 Auburn head coach Gene Chizik is now the defensive coordinator at North Carolina under another champion, Mack Brown. Fisher's title came way back in 2013, and he's done very little since then.

Jouganatos said Texas A&M "is a B+ in the SEC," which is a fair assessment; they're usually in the top half of the conference, although rarely a true contender. That being said, after a 5-7 record in 2022, Fisher's seat was already getting hot; so if this season continues to trend toward a downward spiral, he just might be out of time.

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