Paul Finebaum thinks one coach could be fired even if he wins 9 games

This doesn't bode well.

This doesn't seem to bode well.

SEC media days are taking place this week, and one of the hot topics of conversation has been the SEC coaches that are on the hot seat. One of those coaches is Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin, and it doesn't look like the media is very hopeful for Sumlin as he enters his sixth season in College Station.

Sounds like a funeral on the SEC Now set talking about Kevin Sumlin. @finebaum thinks he's out even if Texas A&M wins 9 games.

247Sports had Finebaum's full take on Sumlin:

"If he wins eight games, he'll be gone," Finebaum said. "I do not believe, according to the people with whom I've spoken to in College Station, that eight wins is going to be enough. I'm not sure there is a good number for Kevin Sumlin. There's so much heat on him. Nine (wins) is even debatable. What he does on the field will determine whether he's back at media days a year from today."

Finebaum has also gone on the record before to say that he think Sumlin is on the hottest seat of all the coaches in the SEC.

Sumlin is 44-21 in five seasons at Texas A&M, which is a respectable record in a vacuum. However, the Aggies have gone 8-5 in each of the past three seasons, which is notable considering that all three of those Texas A&M teams started 5-0 or better in each of those seasons.

The SEC West schedule is difficult, but finishing three straight seasons by going 3-5 (or worse) isn't going to work for most SEC head coaches for very long.

Texas A&M will open the season with a rare Sunday college football game against UCLA on Sept. 3.