Steve Spurrier takes a shot at Texas A&M; Kevin Sumlin responds

Steve Spurrier has never been one to shy away from making a comment about, well, anything — his own team, another coach, other teams.

So it wasn't particularly a surprise when at his press conference on Tuesday the Head Ball Coach took a shot at Texas A&M and others when asked about the offensive numbers being put up by SEC teams through three week.

"That's all misleading," Spurrier said. "You've got to realize that most of these teams play somebody like Lamar."

It's interesting that Spurrier would go after Texas A&M's strength of schedule — A&M played Lamar in Week 2 — as a reason for their offensive proficiency considering the Aggies racked up 680 yards on the Gamecocks in Week One.

This fact was not lost on Kevin Sumlin, who responded to critics — and it appears gave an indirect response to Spurrier — in his weekly press conference just two hours after Spurrier's.

"I keep hearing that people think we haven't played anybody," said Sumlin. "I think they forgot about the first week."

Many of Spurrier's contemporary's in the SEC tend to shrug off his comments as just Spurrier being Spurrier, but Sumlin's not one to shy away from speaking his mind either. The two schools met for the first time ever in the season opener and I'm hoping we get at least a few more matchups with these two still in charge because, if nothing else, the pressers should be fun.