Texas A&M signee Daylon Mack has an unusual workout regimen

Texas A&M got a huge boost on National Signing Day when they landed 5-star defensive tackle prospect Daylon Mack. Mack (aka the Mack Truck) is an extremely powerful inside presence on the line and figures to help the Aggies' defense right away when he arrives in College Station in the fall.

For now, Mack has to spend his time working out however he can while finishing up high school, and that apparently included pushing his 3-ton Chevy Suburban up a relatively busy road. The video above, posted by 247 Sports, shows Mack plugging away with his headphones on, pushing the vehicle along the side of the road.

According to 247, Mack pushes the truck more than half a mile as part of his routine (so this apparently isn't just some truck trouble that got recorded). He can also handle more conventional weight room workouts, repping 385 pounds on the bench press six times and squatting 605 pounds for 10 reps. Hopefully once he gets to College Station he won't need to push his truck anymore, but it's certainly an interesting, old school workout (I just wish he'd maybe try it on a less busy street).