The last ten years of SEC products going to the NFL shows why it's the best conference in the land

You didn't think Vandy would be at the top, did you?

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The SEC is a powerhouse when it comes to putting its players in the NFL. Campus Insiders put together a list that shows just how great each school is at getting their guys to the next level. Here's all 14 SEC institution and how many players have gone to the NFL over the last ten years (with that number in parentheses next to the school's name):

1. LSU (64)
2. Alabama (56)
3. Georgia (55)
4. Florida (52)
5. South Carolina (36)
6. Auburn (35)
7. Arkansas (33)
8. Tennessee (31)
9. Missouri (27)
10. Texas A&M (25)
11. Mississippi State (18)
12. Kentucky (16)
13. Ole Miss (15)
14. Vanderbilt (14)

Nick Saban might be a master recruiter, but it looks like the guy who took his old job is a little better turning his recruits into legit NFL prospects. LSU taking the spot isn't too surprising, but beating out the Crimson Tide eight players is pretty huge. It also says a lot about the cream of the crop with the huge drop off after Florida's 52 NFL guys.

The SEC had three of the top ten picks in last year's Draft with Dante Fowler Jr., Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley going early. In 2014, the SEC had 49 players drafted, which was the most for the eighth straight year. C.J. Moseley, Dominique Easley and Odell Beckham Jr. led the SEC first rounders in that draft.