during the Goodyear Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium on December 31, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.

The SEC solidified itself as the best conference with this FBS record

The SEC isn't ready to relinquish the throne.

Going into bowl season, the common consensus was growing that — at least for this year — the Big Ten had morphed into the best conference in college football. Heck, some even considered that the Big 12 was doing better than the SEC was.

Well, let's just say the SEC was not a fan.

Well, with the College Football Playoff final left to go, the SEC has already set a bowl record with eight bowl wins this season. Not only has the SEC been winning, but they have been blowing out the competition, too; Alabama beat Michigan State 38-0, Tennessee beat Northwestern 45-6, Ole Miss beat Oklahoma State 48-20, and so on.

So while the Big Ten and Big 12 may have had some great seasons, the SEC showed in the bowl season that it is not quite ready to be completely passed by another conference... yet.