When you have Tim Tebow upset…

Tebow was on ESPN’s halftime show for the Music City Bowl, which saw Kentucky’s Benny Snell — man of 1,300 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns this season — get ejected after this controversial play involving a referee.

Snell was officially ejected for making contact with an official, something that Tebow clearly did not believe merited an ejection.

Don’t decide the game for the players. Let the players go out there and play. And if you’re offended that he touched you, get over it. It’s college football. It’s 18-22 year olds that are emotional, he just got hit by 17 players, let him go.

And the ref decided the game because Benny Snell is 33-percent of their offense. So you just kicked out their best player after an emotional play where he got hit by 17 guys… he gets up, and you’re trying to help him up, and he just take his hand off of you?

Tebow’s fellow analyst at the desk, former LSU defensive tackle Booger McFarland, agreed with Tebow’s assessment that Snell should not have been ejected. McFarland even went further, questioning why the referee was able to put his hands on Snell while Snell was not allowed to shoo him away.

Obviously sports are very protective of their officials, but this one seems like a very light situation that should not have resulted in an ejection. Kentucky will now have to operate the rest of the game against Northwestern without Snell, who rushed for 1,300 yards and 18 touchdowns in the regular season.

Tim Tebow sounds off on the officials that ejected one of the SEC’s leading rushers Clippit/Screenshot
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