Tim Williams disses Myles Garrett in sideline trash talk

Alabama's defense is a proud bunch, so you can imagine how they must have felt leading into Saturday's matchup with Texas A&M having to hear about how Aggies defensive lineman Myles Garrett is the best pass rusher in the SEC. If you can't imagine how they felt, Alabama's Tim Williams offered a little insight with some sideline comments as Alabama had the game in hand.

Williams  (No. 56), Ryan Anderson (No. 22) and Jonathan Allen (No. 93)  may be the best group of pass rushers in the league. In a player to player comparison Garrett has a case against them all, but it's a slim one that is diminishing by the game. Either way all the talk about the best pass rush not being Bama's can go ahead and stop, no one gets to the QB better than the Tide.