Tim Williams had a ridiculous game against USC, even if you didn't notice

Alabama linebacker Tim Williams is good, very good. He is particularly good at getting pressure on the quarterback, something that has lead Mel Kiper Jr. to put him atop his latest big board for next year's NFL draft.

Saturday against USC Williams showed just how absurdly good he can be against the pass even though he didn't have a sack in Alabama's 52-6 win over USC. If you take a look at numbers compiled by Pro Football Focus Williams averaged pressure on the opposing quarterback once every 3.2 pass rushes.

From Pro Football Focus:

"Williams was the best in the nation, with a PRP (pass rush proficiency) rating of 23.4," PFF wrote of his performance. "That number itself is ridiculous, but when you really dig into it, you see that Williams got pressure of some form once every 3.2 pass-rushing attempts. Texas A&M's Myles Garrett has a phenomenal game against UCLA, but even he trailed Williams, averaging a pressure once every four pass-rushing snaps."

When you factor in that Williams spent most of the game going up against USC right tackle Zach Banner, a possible first-round draft pick in next year's draft, it makes these numbers even more impressive.