What does Kiffin think about facing his old friends at USC?

Alabama Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin will have the opportunity to exorcise whatever demons may still remain from his time at USC when the Tide face off against the Trojans Saturday. Kiffin's departure from USC was much publicized and pretty messy so the potential for bad blood is high, but if there is any Kiffin isn't being quick to admit it.

"I know it sounds strange; I really have not thought a lot about it, I'm sure there will be some different feelings and emotions."

"He's not thinking about Southern Cal," said Monte Kiffin, Lane's father, who also ran the defense from 2010-12. "You gotta move on. He moved on from that a couple years ago."

Surely he will feel something about it, but some aren't buying the notion Kiffin hasn't put thought into the matchup. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit is one of those people saying, "Privately, deep down, I think Lane Kiffin's incredibly fired up to have an opportunity to coach Alabama offensively against USC."

Whether it's Kiffin or Herbstreit that are closer to the truth, either way we will all find out Saturday night.