When it comes to sacks, Jonathan Allen only has one goal in mind

Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen was one of the most prolific at sacking the quarterback in 2015. Allen was 7th in the country with 12 sacks and chose to return to the Tide for his senior season in hopes of improving on that number. Allen's goal for 2015? It's a rather lofty one, "Gotta beat Derrick Thomas."

Thomas set the school record at 27 in 1988 and Allen only wants to be the very best at what he does, so naturally Thomas should be what he is aiming for. Allen also knows offenses will be trying to stop him, but he isn't worried.

"They might, [try] but it's kinda hard to game plan when you have Tim Williams on the other side and Dalvin and Ryan Anderson," Allen said incredulously. "They can game plan all they want if they want to. Like I said, I'm not too worried about focusing on that. I'm just trying to do my job."

Allen is the center of what should be another dominate Tide defense in 2016.