With so many TDs, Bama defenders are becoming blocking experts whether they like it or not


Defensive players are suppose to be good at shedding blockers and making tackles, but at Alabama when you line up to play defense you better be ready to block on any play. Alabama has scored eight defensive touchdowns so far this season and as a result Tide defenders have had plenty of opportunities to block would be tacklers, something many of them never expected to have to do so much.

Oft outspoken and humorous Alabama defensive lineman Ryan Anderson hasn't held back that he isn't so excited about all of this running and blocking that has all of a sudden become a weekly routine.

"Man, I don't like blocking," Anderson said to AL.com. "I'll tell you that right now. I really don't like running way down the field. When Minkah caught that 100-yard pick, I was trying to tell him to stay in (the end zone). I was tired. When you see it, you got to get in somebody way and do what you got to do to spring them. It is what it is."

Anderson isn't lying about his lacking blocking talent, but if this season is any indication of what's to come, he'll have a few more chances to get better.