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Snoop Dogg Has Blunt Take on Possibly Coaching College Football

The hip hop legend has one major stipulation that would keep him from following the path of Deion Sanders.

When it comes to Snoop Dogg, there is an abundance of things that could come to mind based on age or simply interests in general. His debut solo album "Doggystyle" and his work with Dr. Dre would be an automatic go-to thought for some, while for others it might a cooking show with Martha Stewart or the Corona commercials that the jack-of-all-trades legend has been doing recently.

What might get lost in the mix of Snoop's wide-ranging arsenal is his longtime work in coaching youth football that dates back to 2005, when he founded the Snoop Youth Football League. At times, he was dueling with current Colorado head coach Deion Sanders on the opposite side of the field, but don't expect to see Snoop following the path of Coach Prime anytime soon.

Here's what "The Dogg" had to say recently in an exclusive interview with The Messenger:

"I don't think I can handle the pressure of what he's dealing with up there because, remember I like to do this all the time," Snoop said while making a smoking gesture. "So, unless it's a smoke-friendly school, that s**t ain't happening."

To the surprise of exactly zero people currently roaming Earth, the smoke will almost always come first and foremost for Snoop. But imagine the unmistakeable presence of the 6-foot-4 "slim with the tilted brim" icon patrolling the sideline on college football Saturdays. Sanders has already rattled the foundations and basically turned the sport upside down. Still, even given this new era of college football, we're still not sure anyone entrenched in the game would be ready for Snoop Dogg entering the equation.

In all seriousness, however, Snoop's football coaching credentials and passionate approach to the game are far more serious than most people probably realize.

The list of current NFL players who came through his youth football league is beyond impressive. Starting with the Houston Texans' incredible rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, Coach Snoop has also worked with Patriots wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, Packers wide receiver Romeo Doubs, 49ers cornerback Deommodore Lenoir, Texans cornerback D'Angelo Ross and Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Jack Jones, among others.

Here's what Snoop had to say about Stroud specifically, which is really just an awesome quote and sums up why he even started such a league:

"C.J. is the perfect example of every kid in my league that makes it to the League. They're usually not the best player on their team at that time but they're the best kid on the team at that time. They understand what's before them and they haven't peaked out ... C.J. was always calm, he was always a field general. He was always a leader and he led by the way he moved, the way he conducted himself. No drugs. No partying. No criminal activity, none of that, but he comes from that, so how do we separate? We have to find something we love, and we have to find people who can inspire us."

What a gem and, honestly, an inspiration. For as funny and ridiculous as Snoop Dogg can be, he's always been about giving an outlet to kids in the Los Angeles area.

But no, despite the great success, he won't be taking the Deion Sanders route anytime soon. And it's probably not just because he wouldn't be allowed to coach college football games with a blunt in his mouth. Take one look at the never-ending "Other Ventures" tab on Snoop's Wikipedia page, and it would downright impossible to fit in the full-time job that is being a head coach of a college football team.

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