South Carolina high school under fire after hilarious mishap on their football field

Did an earthquake hit in the middle of painting this?

There are a lot of rules in football, and to an outside viewer, some of those rules can be complicated. You ever try explaining the NFL's catch rule to someone that doesn't watch football? Yeah, it's not easy.

One rule that is easy, though, is that football is played on a field 120 yards long and 53 yards wide. To mark the field, you draw sidelines to show what is in-bounds and what is out-of-bounds.

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Apparently one South Carolina high school had a big problem with that whole "drawing lines" thing.

That is... that is not even close to straight. How on earth did they mess up this badly? Did someone really try to eyeball their entire way down the sideline? Or did an earthquake or a hurricane hit while they were drawing it on?

Hopefully they get that fixed.