This 2017 prospect has an ideal name for a defensive back and a new top-8 list to boot


It is always fun to evaluate high school football prospects based on name value alone and there have been some fantastic ones over the years. However, this 2017 defensive back will give anyone a run for their money in this category, especially given the position he plays.

His name is Ameer Speed.

Yes, this is a cornerback with the last name of "Speed" and he is a legitimate national prospect. To drive that point home, Speed released his top-8 list over the weekend and it includes some of the best college football programs in the nation.

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Speed has a great number of offers to his credit, but his list pops a bit with the inclusion of the Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs. The rising senior hails from Jacksonville, Fla., and while no schools from his home state made the cut, coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Gus Malzahn and never shy about recruiting the sunshine state.


Speed is largely classified as a three-star prospect at this stage, but he has the name value and the talent to be on the radar in a big way.