This high school proves that everything is bigger in Texas with new football stadium plans

Everything is bigger in Texas.

High school football in Texas is not only bigger than in other states, but it is also more expensive. There are now going to be three high schools in the state that will have football stadiums worth more than $60 million. The latest is the most expensive for a school in McKinney, Texas that will be built for $62.8 million.

The stadium will seat 12,000 and $50.3 million of the funds needed will come from the town as part of a $220 million bond. The remaining amount will come from a different that was approved all the way back in 2000.

Money will also go into improving the heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacements of the facilities as well as new roofs, plumbing and electrical work. The school district's overview shows that more money will go into the athletic facility than their improvements to the school's facilities.

The city of Allen has a stadium that seats 18,000 and was built for $60 million while the city of Katy is finalizing plans for a stadium worth $62.5 million.