This punt returner shows us why you never showboat before actually scoring Screenshot/Max Preps

Navasota High School junior Elidrick Powell has gone viral on social media today for this incredible hit during last night's game, caught on camera by KAGS.

Posted by KAGS TV on Saturday, September 17, 2016

There’s been an epidemic in college football recently that seems to have made its way to the high school ranks. Players have been stupidly dropping the ball before actually crossing the end zone and it’s happened a few times this season already. Most notably, Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon and Clemson’s Ray Ray McCloud were the worst perpetrators of this.

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Well, something similar happened in this Texas high school game. One player thought he was clear on his way to a punt return touchdown, but there was one opponent still making an effort to stop him before the goal line and he did just that. That guy completely speared the runner and he didn’t get the touchdown he thought he had while his two lead blockers stood there astonished while they just let that guy almost destroy their teammate.

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Let this be a lesson, kids. Don’t ever take your eye off the field or showboat before you actually score a touchdown.

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