This surprise team took home the "award" for most criminal activity in the past year

Looks like one team has been racking up the quite the criminal record.

The 2016 Fulmer Cup has been awarded!

The parody award — which started in 2006 and named after former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer — is given to the team that records the most criminal activity over the past calendar year. Past winners include Alabama in 2007, Georgia in 2010, and Auburn in 2011.

This year's winner? Colorado, who won by a whopping 38 points over second place Georgia.

People may be surprised by Colorado winning by so much, and they can think one player for all the points. Defensive lineman Nathaniel Robbins was arrested back in March after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend turned into eight felony charges and 15 total charges.

From the Daily Camera:

Nathaniel Blake Robbins, 22, was charged with eight felonies, including two counts of second-degree assault on a peace officer, two counts of second-degree assault, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, second-degree arson and criminal mischief.

He also was charged with seven misdemeanors, including three counts of third-degree assault, harassment, obstruction of telephone service, obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest.

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Even without Robbins, Colorado still would have finished third in the Fulmer Cup standings.

Overall, though, the SEC dominated in the conference standings, winning that race by a 141 to 91 margin over the Pac-12. (again, thanks Colorado) Among Power 5 conferences, the Big Ten finished last with "only" 28 points.

For full explanation and standings on the Fulmer Cup, you can visit this Reddit page.