Tim Brando goes on incredible Twitter rant after Paul Finebaum makes fun of Shreveport

Tim Brando is from Shreveport, Louisiana and he's very proud of it — for reasons I don't understand because, well, it's Shreveport. Anyways, Paul Finebaum and his producer poked fun at Shreveport on Finebaum's radio show today as they discussed the Duck Commander Independence Bowl between Miami and South Carolina.

Tim Brando took this very personally and launched into a tremendous Twitter rant that involved him yelling for Finebaum to call him so he could defend Shreveport's honor(?), and also threatened to talk down about Bristol, CT even though Finebaum is now based out of Charlotte, NC.

Seriously, look how angry he got about this. Finebaum really can bring this out in anybody. Check out how Tim Brando went from 0 to 100 real quick and morphed into Phyllis from Mulga.

Brando's like one step away from telling Finebaum to meet up with him so they can throw hands. You want to catch this fade, Finebaum, you know the number.