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Tom Herman is bringing bizarre “championship level” urine monitoring to Texas football

This takes attention to detail to a whole new level.

Tom Herman, the new Texas Longhorns coach, has been tasked with bringing the team back to national prominence. Here's how bad things have been. Since losing to Alabama in the 2009 National Championship game, Texas has had winning records in only three of its least seven seasons and has finished with a sub-.500 record three seasons in a row, going 16-21 over that span.

So Herman has started this turnaround process with a rather unusual method.

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He appears to be monitoring his players' pee.

If your urine is too brown, Longhorns players, that makes you a bad guy.

Now, according to the Mayo Clinic, there are all sorts of reasons your urine may turn brown. Going all Hannibal Lecter and eating fava beans; muscle injury from extreme exercise; and any number of medications can have this effect.

Maybe this was meant to be funny, and not the way it looks (creepy) on the surface. Regardless, Herman is going to get a lot of players' attention with this.