Top 25 college football teams by arrests over the past five years yields a surprising No. 1

Mike Rosenberg, a former San Jose Mercury News reporter, has been analyzing arrest data for major sports, including NFL, NBA and college football teams over the past five years.

On the college side, if you were to ask for a "leader" in arrests over that time frame, most fans would probably point to Florida State with their recent and high-profile arrest issues.

But that was not the case; Florida State is not actually in the top five. Instead, Rosenberg's research found a surprising team at the top: Washington State.

If it is any consolation for the Cougars, they have not had a player arrested in the past 11 months, so they have that streak to look positively upon.

As Rosenberg points out in some of his later tweets, most of the charges that college football players have faced over this time period have been misdemeanors that you would expect to come out of a college campus. Rosenberg also notes an apparent correlation between two things: winnings teams and the SEC.

I know fans of SEC teams like to be No. 1, but this is probably not the stat they wanted to lead the country in. Hopefully teams can continue to work on ways to keep their students out of trouble, as fans want to see these players out on the field, not in the courtroom.