Few things are better in football than a hard, clean hit and we have seen a lot of them so far through the first three weeks of the college football season. Today we look at the top five hits so far this season, with the the main emphasis on hits that were clean and did not draw a flag.

5. Everett Golson flattens a defender

We start off with some love for offensive players and this block that Florida State quarterback Everett Golson threw on Boston College defensive end Kevin Kavalec. You can’t get blown up by the quarterback, man!

4. Daylon Mack obliterates everyone on Nevada

You probably shouldn’t leave a defensive lineman unblocked. Nevada didn’t account for Mack, allowing Mack to just ram into the running back before he could even get going. Just for good measure, Mack took down the quarterback, too.

3. Don’t mess with a Nkemdiche

Younger brother Robert is more known for his defensive skills, but older brother Denzel can lay down a hit, too. And he does that here when he just obliterates Alabama quarterback Cooper Bateman with this blideside block.

2. Helmet flying!

Dravious Wright got in unblocked against Troy and he made his impact made with a crushing hit that send both the ball and his opponent’s helmet flying. The poor quarterback didn’t even see it coming.

1. The first is still the best

In what was deemed the “first” big hit of the season, Montana State linebacker Mac Bignell — great name by the way — lights up this running back on a little screen pass. This was only an imcompletion and not a fumble, but oh my, does this show an example of why you don’t lob passes up to your receiver.

Top 5 hits so far of the 2015 college football season
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