Tim Tebow sounds off on decision to snub UCF from Playoff after Peach Bowl victory

Does he have a point?

SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow believes that UCF was overlooked, but has no one to blame other than itself.

According to Tebow, the Knights hurt their own chances by not scheduling tougher non-conference opponents to match their AAC regular season slate.

"There's no question UCF (was overlooked," Tebow said Tuesday on First Take. "But you need to go tell their president and athletic director to play a couple big-time teams in the regular season. You ask any analyst before they played Auburn and it would be really hard to justify them being in the top four with our eyes."

UCF was the only team in college football to finish with an undefeated record, but hadn't played a ranked opponent until its AAC Championship game against Memphis in December.

Monday's Peach Bowl victory against Auburn was the Knights' only matchup against a top-10 opponent all season.

Obviously, UCF's schedule prior to the bowl win would make it hard to justify putting the Knights ahead of one-loss teams that survived Power-5 scheduling.

However, the Peach Bowl performance was so convincing that it at least has some doubters thinking otherwise and reconsidering snubbing UCF from the playoff in hindsight.