The NCAA makes it quite difficult for student-athletes to earn any sort of income outside of their athletic stipend and scholarship they’ve taken it to a new level now. UCF kicker Donald De La Haye has a fairly popular YouTube channel where he makes reference to the fact that he’s a Division-I kicker as well as talks about other topics. And now his ability to play football at the school is being taken away by the NCAA because he refused to demonetize his account while still playing football on a scholarship.

Here is the official statement from UCF on the matter:

And someone associated with the NCAA is trying to make it quite clear that it was UCF and not the NCAA that ruled him ineligible:

So now De La Haye has to rely on his YouTube channel to help him get through if his scholarship ends up getting taken away. He had over 4,400 yards worth of kickoffs last season and had better than a 50 percent touchback rate. Now the school misses out on his talent because the NCAA essentially gave the school an ultimatum that it couldn’t meet and was forced to take away a scholarship from an entrepreneurial student-athlete.

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