USC linebacker Osa Masina was linked to an alleged sexual assault that took place back in July. On Thursday, charges finally came in on the allegations, and Masina is facing three felony counts: one for first-degree rape, and two for forcible sodomy.

According to reports, Masina is alleged to have had sex with a woman while she was under the influence of Xanax. Masina is also alleged to have sent photos of the encounter to the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

The woman told investigators she was at a frat party with Masina in July, when he gave her Xanax pills and wine. She said she went to Hill’s apartment, where she was “out of it” and claims to remember having sex with Masina but felt she had no control during the encounter. She also claims Masina recorded the encounter on his phone, taking pictures and videos of the encounter before sending them to her ex-boyfriend, a football player at Arizona.

ESPN notes that Masina’s bail has been set for $250,000. Masina is expected to turn himself in to authorities later on Thursday. USC has also released a statement on the matter.

“Based on additional information obtained by the university, Osa Masina and Don Hill have been suspended from participation with USC Athletics and the football team. To protect the rights of the students and comply with federal privacy laws no other details will be provided.”

USC is scheduled to play Stanford on Saturday.

USC LB expected to turn self in after three horrifying felony charges Harry How/Getty Images
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