Colin Cowherd goes out on a limb with National Champion prediction

Colin Cowherd isn't picking Alabama to win it all.

Alabama is the favorite to win their second national title in three seasons, but FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd believes Ohio State will win the national championship this season.

Cowherd said he believes Alabama, USC, Florida State and Ohio State are the best four teams in the country, but Ohio State's defensive line will be the difference in separating themselves from the other contenders.

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Cowherd cited Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano's recent praise of Ohio State's defensive line, and Schiano said the Buckeyes have the best defensive line he's ever coached. He also cited Ohio State having a great coach in Urban Meyer, as well as a favorable schedule and great quarterback in J.T. Barrett.

"The strength of Ohio State is their defensive line," Cowherd said. "The weakness of USC, Florida State and Alabama is their offensive lines. So I think Ohio State would beat USC, Alabama and Florida State head-to-head."

He said if the Buckeyes play any of those three, their defensive line will control the game.

It's not necessarily a bold pick considering how many starters and how much talent Ohio State has this season, but it is interesting that Cowherd believes the Ohio State defensive line is that much better than Alabama's offensive line.

A lot can happen between now and December, but the Buckeyes will almost certainly be in the mix for the national title at the end of the year.

(h/t Saturday Down South)