In one of the worst rulings of the season, the refs somehow called this an incomplete pass


If anyone here is a fan of the Oakland Raiders, you might want to look away from this one.

Missouri was playing Purdue on Saturday, and they were already getting ROCKED by the Boilermakers. Apparently the refs felt it was bad enough to give Mizzou a bit of a gift, as this apparent fumble was ruled an incomplete pass in what will remind some of the old Tuck Rule play from the legendary Raiders-Patriots AFC Championship Game.

Missouri quarterback Drew Lock pump-faked the ball, and then attempted to bring it back in. After that bring-in motion, though, Lock drops the football in what looks like a clear fumble. However, the officials reviewed the play and overturned the fumble call, saying that it was an incomplete pass.

Quarterbacks already get protected enough, we don't need to be giving them the benefit of the doubt when they just drop the ball on the ground.