Viral "GameDay" sign reportedly results in hundreds of donations... for beer money

What a brilliant sign!

This might be the most genius College GameDay sign of all time.

GameDay was at the Battle of Bristol on Saturday, as Virginia Tech will be taking on No. 17 Tennessee in one of the most unique college football games of all time. One fan at the game added to that uniqueness with one of the best signs of all time.

It simply said, "Hi mom, send beer money", and then it included the sign holders Venmo account for anyone that actually wanted to send money.

Well, guess what? It worked.

According to CBS, the guy holding the sign received over 300 donations from his sign. That will buy a lot of beer.

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While this is great, there is one bad thing: we all have to prepare for the 20-plus signs next week that have Venmo, PayPal, and whatever else people can think of listed on them. That will be lame, but for now, we can enjoy this successful entrepreneur.