Jordy Bahl pitches for Oklahoma.
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Jordy Bahl's Decision to Transfer From Oklahoma Will Shake Up College Softball

Jordy Bahl was one of college softball's best pitchers this season, and she's leaving Oklahoma in a shocking move.

Jordy Bahl, the Oklahoma ace who won MVP of the Women's College World Series after helping the Sooners pull off a three-peat, is transferring from the program. It's a stunning move that will send shock waves throughout college softball.

The sophomore pitcher took to Twitter on Monday to announce her plans to transfer.

"I have decided to return home and play the game I love, closer to the things that have made me who I am and that have always been more important to me than this game," she wrote.

"For the last 2 years, despite the amazing opportunities and accomplishments, my love for home and the acknowledgement of my foundation have grown."

The most important part of Bahl's tweet? This part:

"I am excited to return home and be Jordy Bahl the softball player, but more importantly the person. I am excited thinking about growing the game that has provided me so many opportunities for growth, in the home state, a current overlooked state for girls in softball at all ages, and I am excited to finish the softball journey where it began."

Bahl hails from Papillion, Nebraska. One can only assume she plans to transfer to Nebraska, which is a massive decision in the sport.

Why? Because the sport arguably has less parity than it's ever had right now. It's almost to the point that Oklahoma is simultaneously growing and ruining the sport in the name, image and likeness era. Even one former Michigan legend, Sierra Romero, has spoken out about the number of transfers in the sport, because Oklahoma used multiple ones en route to a 61-1 record this season.

Regardless, anytime one of the best players in a sport leaves the best team in the sport, it's big-time news. Bahl this season went 22-1 with a 0.90 ERA, the second-lowest in the country.

Oklahoma head coach Patty Gasso said in a release that she was "grateful" for Bahl's two years in Norman.

As for Oklahoma softball, it will be fine. The Sooners still have ace Nicole May, and it can recruit and lure in transfers better than anyone else in the country.

If Bahl does indeed transfer to Nebraska, as ESPN is reporting, it's an immediate boost for a Cornhuskers team that went 36-22 this past season. And Bahl's plans to grow the sport in her home state could be monumental. Nebraska fans have a lot to be excited about.

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