Josie Muffley dives for a ball.
Screenshot from Twitter

Josie Muffley's Flying Catch Makes It Clear: FSU Shortstop is Best in NCAA

There's a reason Florida State Seminoles shortstop Josie Muffley is known as the Human Highlight Reel. Every game, she's making plays few other infielders in the game can make. Just two years ago, her flying, between-the-legs tag broke the internet.

During FSU softball's opening weekend, the redshirt senior wowed everyone once again. In the 'Noles' 4-1 win over Lipscomb at the JoAnne Graf Classic on Thursday, Muffley made a diving catch that earned the attention of ESPN.

Josie Muffley's Diving Catch Kicks Off FSU's Season

Muffley covered some serious ground and completely laid out to make the catch on what looked like a surefire single. The play came at an important time in the game, too, because FSU and Lipscomb were tied at 1-1 in the sixth inning. FSU went on to win the game, 4-1.

The catch was so good that it was the No. 1 play on ESPN's "SportsCenter" Top 10 the following day.

Considering Muffley is seemingly on the Top 10 every other week, I think it's fair to say that Florida State has the best shortstop in college softball. I'd like to see anyone else cover the ground that she does and make it look easy while doing it.

FSU finished 4-1 on the weekend, showing why they were ranked No. 5 in the preseason polls. As long as players like Muffley are making plays like this, there's no reason the Seminoles won't be playing in the Women's College World Series by the end of the season.

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