Kaitlyn Moses is carried around the bases by the opposing team.
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Softball Players Carry Injured Player After Grand Slam, Proving Sportsmanship Still Exists

Sportsmanship should be applauded at every instance, and that especially pertains when opposing players do the right thing regardless of the game's score.

Grand View University and Southeastern University's softball teams were squaring off on Saturday in Lakeland, Fla., when GVU's Kaitlyn Moses cranked a grand slam to take the lead. However, during her home run trot between first and second base, she injured herself and couldn't run around the bases. That's when the Southeastern fielders carried her to each base, making the grand slam count.

Softball Players Help Opposing Player After Grand Slam Injury

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The awesome display of sportsmanship is why we love sports. Setting aside the game for a moment to the right thing is always worth noticing.

For those wondering why Moses' own teammates didn't step in to help, NAIA rules don't allow for teammates or coaches to help her move around the bases. Apparently there's no rule saying opposing players can't.

Moses' grand slam put the Vikings up 5-4 and they wound up winning the game, 7-4.

After the game, the team's Twitter account played up the moment. They tweeted that "the game was not about the win but about the amazing sportsmanship shown by SEU softball players."

Since the game, the video has gone viral and been picked up by ESPN, Sports Illustrated and more.

After the game, Moses thanked the Fire softball squad for the help.

"Words can't describe how @SEUFireSoftball lifted me up in such a tough moment. Forever appreciative and greatful for the kindness they showed," she wrote on Twitter.

This should serve as a reminder to always do the right thing, even if it doesn't benefit you. Great job, ladies.

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