A Tennessee softball player celebrates in the dugout with a Mommy hat on her head.
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Tennessee Softball's 'Mommy' Hat Celebration is Taking the WCWS By Storm

Nobody is having more fun than Tennessee at the Women's College World Series, and the 'Mommy' hat celebration is the best example of that.

The Tennessee Volunteers softball team has created its unique way of building up that special camaraderie needed to win a championship.

That unique way? The "Mommy" hat.

Some background: During the 2021 men's baseball season, the Volunteers used a hat that said "Daddy" on it and dressed the player that hit a home run or did something else successful in a fur coat. However, the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee changed the rules, and it's no longer allowed.

Now, the softball team has adopted that, but with a twist. The hat says "Mommy" on it.

At first, they used the Daddy hat, but as outfielder Kiki Milloy says, they changed course because "we're not daddies. We're mommies, right?"

The whole ensemble—the hat, fur coat, fake money splashing around them in the dugout—is the maximum endearment.

"When someone who maybe doesn't have as many home runs gets a home run and gets to put on that Mommy hat, it's so fun just watching them, especially as a teammate..." Milloy says.

So when Jamison Brockenbrough cranked a home run against Alabama in Game 1 of the Women's College World Series, she got to wear the Mommy hat as teammates threw money at her in the dugout.

For Tennessee, winning follows where the fun takes place. The Lady Vols beat their SEC rival 10-5 to move on to the winner's bracket. They'll take on Oklahoma on Saturday, June 3, at 3:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

The Women's College World Series has eight teams remaining and is a double-elimination tournament.

The Lady Volunteers are the No. 4 seed in the tournament and at one point this season had a 20-game winning streak.

"I love the celebration. I think we have a lot of fun, which is part of the reason for our success," Lady Volunteers head coach Karen Weekly said.

"I think when teams get tense, that's when mistakes are made because you're trying too hard, but for us, just staying loose, staying on the attack, and having fun playing softball... just makes everything a lot easier," Milloy added.

As long as Tennessee keeps the Mommy hat going, there's no stopping this fun-loving team in Oklahoma City.

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